Is there really that much to tweet about?

Twitter – why tweet? Are you a twit if you don’t?

That said, what about Facebook?

IT Engine has maintained a twitter account for over 18 months. When we moved to our new brand I had a hard rethink on weather I should keep going with the social networking side of things. We are not big users, I might tweet only once or twice a week. What I really like it for is keeping an eye on our industry and who is doing what – lots of geeks tweet.

For the average professional or business, is it worth the time and effort? From experience, I would say no. This comes from talking to all our clients and fellow users. You have to be a certain type of business to get any value out of a social networking marketing initiative. Here is a short but remarkably insightful article called “Facebook. Marketing to an empty room”.

However, if you are the sort of business that has a lot of specials or new products coming in all the time, then Facebook and Twitter can add to your marketing. As an IT professional services organisation, I will keep using them but with the knowledge that these are not really the best marketing tools for my business. Remember most people use Facebook for contact with their friends. I have actually removed my “likes” from company pages if they post too much advertising. It is ok to get one or two but not 10 – 20 in a day from the same company; this just turns Facebook into another way to spam people.

You can post to Twitter as many times a day as you like because that is what it’s designed for, but as a business is there really that much to tweet about? For me and most of our clients, that energy would be better applied to blogs.