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Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference Day 2 – Toronto, Canada

Hello from Toronto – day two.  My poor feet are about to fall off… My step count is counting through the roof (thank you Mr Apple Watch).

This mornings key note was much more detailed.  The Windows Anniversary on the 2nd of August will be bringing some major updates including pen improvement for the Microsoft Surface and Surface Book, I will update you more on this in the next couple of weeks.

There was a huge amount of emphasis on security – with quotes from the FBI director “there are two kinds of companies, those who have been hacked and those that don’t know they have been hacked” …. With end points being the main entry point into a business. MS Windows Hello is starting to address this but we will see more coming out in the next six months.

Microsoft was really excited that Facebook is now an Office 365 customer… VERY excited. Quote from Facebook, “Microsoft is now cool again”. So loads of sessions after the keynote, MS are really great about professional development, so I am learning lots, best session was from Walter Bond on being a better leader.

It was SO hot here today and I think its going to be the same tomorrow.

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Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference Day 1 – Toronto, Canada



Great start to the conference this morning, the usual fanfare of singing and dancing… (ok no dancing this time but great singing).  They do know how to get you in the mood (or as my friend Warrick said “makes you feel good about drinking the Kool Aid”)


No major announcements this morning which was a bit disappointing …. Great demonstration on Microsoft HoloLens, this is certainly something that we need to keep an eye on.  They cut the keynote by about a good half hour this morning which was really unusual, however I am not complaining as it has given me more time to a) get to the conference center down the road and b) have a look around all the exhibitors.   Afternoon is going to be full of sessions.



5.30 p.m.   Well that was an afternoon and a half, the conference centre is HUGE…. So getting from one end to the other can be a mission … however with a few pointers from the MS Staff, I managed to get to all my sessions and grab the well needed coffee in between (its not really coffee it just looks like it… really does not taste like it)


This afternoon was IOT (internet of things), Productivity in business, and marketing…. Because everyone needs to be reminded to market themselves better.


Tomorrow is another fun filled day … I am going to find some dinner 🙂

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