delia-staffDelia Gill

Managing Director

Delia has been with the business since the early days starting in July 2000.  Initially starting as an Office Administrator, she worked her way through the business moving to Operations Manager in 2003, then as General Manager in 2007.  When the opportunity came in 2008 Delia, together with her husband David, purchased the business.  Delia now heads the business as the Managing Director.

Delia will tell you that her favourite bits about the IT industry is the gadgets (she loves having the latest toys) and the constant change, no day is ever the same.  Most of her days are taken up with planning, marketing and talking to IT Engine’s great clients… she is always up for a coffee, and Wellington is the best place in the country to get a great coffee.

Prior to working in IT Engine (and owning it), Delia’s background includes working as an ISO 9000 Auditor in Australia and working in Property Management with Capital Properties.  This has given her a number of skills including being quite process and policy driven.

Delia’s management style is very relaxed, she will tell you it is very easy to be relaxed with a team of people who are so dedicated and responsive.

amanda-staffAmanda Moore

General Manager

Amanda started working for Quay Corporate (now IT Engine) in 2006. She started part time on accounts which suited perfectly with her family. In 2010 she changed to working fulltime and took on the role of Operations Manager.  The bulk of her time is spent juggling jobs in the techs calendars and liaising with clients but she also oversees the accounts and logistics side and generally making sure everything in the office is running smoothly.

Amanda has a lot more contact with our clients in this role than she had before, and has enjoyed getting to know them better through regular contact via email or phone.  Occasionally Amanda will get to meet with them face to face which she enjoys, it’s always good putting a face to a name and having the opportunity to get out of the office.

It’s amazing how much IT stuff you absorb just by working here – before Amanda started she had no idea what a motherboard, cpu or hard drive were, now she knows what these are and a whole lot more.


peter-staffPeter Barker

Senior Technical Consultant

Previous Experience:
IT Industry Experience – 12+ years

IT Engine (previously Quay Corporate) – PC construction, desktop support, server deployment, server admin, network admin, installation, etc. etc. – 12+ years

Peter has been at Quay/IT Engine since early 2000. He has a keen interest in computers and technology both inside and outside of work, and as such is often the tech that the other team members go to with technical issues.

Loyal and dependable, Peter has an innate ability to pinpoint issues, enabling him to ferret out difficult technical problems across a broad range of areas: such as wireless networking, software compatibility, server migrations, and wide-area-networks.
Peter has worked with all Windows versions up to and including Server 2008 R2, MS Exchange all versions up to including Exchange 2010.

Other successes for Peter have been in multi-site networks connected by VPN tunnels, and server recovery from backup after critical failures.

Wellington Polytechnic – Advanced Certificate in Computing
MCTS – Small Business Server

greg-staffGreg Wratt

Senior Engineer / IT Systems Architect

Greg has been with the team since 1999. He has a great interest in mobile devices and is often called upon by other outside sources to help with their mobile solutions due to his reputation. Greg is highly qualified in Microsoft technologies and is very active in keeping himself up skilled.

He has strong problem-solving skills which also means he knows when to call on other staff with greater expertise with solving problems in the given area.

He has amazing people skills and the ability to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues.

Greg is known for his tact, diplomacy and good communication skills (and sense of humour) along with the ability to explain solutions clearly to technical and non-technical staff and to understand client requirements.

He also has a broad knowledge of technologies and applications that he can call on to plan solutions that will fit the needs and budgets of our clients and willingness to adapt to changing priorities.

He is a stickler for following best practice to ensure the solutions that we provide drive your business without interruption.

MCSA Messaging

jason-staffJason Liu

Senior Engineer

Prior to IT Engine:
Gignet Network Education Centre – Senior Technical Support /Instructor
Tianjin Huaqin Communications – Technical Supervisor

Jason has worked at IT Engine/Quay for more than 10 years. Before IT Engine Jason worked as a Network Engineer in China since 1997.

Jason’s main function at IT Engine is remote support and server monitoring, he has created 90% of our internal systems and has also written custom scripts etc for our clients as required.

Jason is one of our most highly qualified Engineers, with a degree in computer science, an ACSP (Apple), MCSE and MSCA (Microsoft), CCNA (Cisco) and is our chief firewall expert, if anyone gets stuck on something or something needs to be researched we give it to Jason (he is silent but deadly).

p.s – Jason’s wife Grace is a wonderful cook!


chris-staffChris Bennett

Senior Engineer

Previous Experience:
IT Industry Experience – 25+ years

Datacom – Network Technician
New Zealand Railways – Systems Technician
NZ Dairy Board – Network Analyst
IBM New Zealand – Field Engineer, the Team Leader (managing a team of Field Engineers)
Quay Corporate – Operations Manager
AMP New Zealand – Infrastructure Manager, promoted to Technical Services Manager
Quay Corporate / IT Engine – Senior Engineer

As you can see from his previous experience this is the second time around for Chris with IT Engine (previously Quay Corporate).  After recently leaving AMP, Chris answered a call for assistance to fill in short term for a tech who was leaving.  Well that was over 11 years ago now, so obviously no one paid the ransom!

Being the old guy of the tech team Chris has worked on most things within the IT Industry and still remembers carrying around large amounts of floppy disks when there was no internet to download updates and fixes from.  Smart phone was a phone that looked cool!

This broad range of knowledge is called on daily to quickly diagnose and resolve an issue.

Chris is an upfront and pragmatic individual and strives to give the most honest and realistic advice he can.  Once you become one of Chris’s customers you fall under his care and he will strive to make sure your IT needs are catered for whenever he gets that call.  This approach makes Chris’s customers very loyal to him and him to them.

Chris loves to tinker with any and all open source software projects.  This leads him to build many home NAS systems for friends and family to firewalls to filter the internet and keep their kids safe.  He is also an avid gamer and spends many hours honing his skills with his two young boys, who also game, surprise surprise.  As they say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

MCP – Small Business Server

Philip Leigh

Systemphilip-staffs Engineer

Phil trained as a technician prior to joining the Quay Retail service department in 1998 and was head-hunted into the Quay Corporate Sales team six months later. After a three year break from IT during which he did component level repair work, Phil returned to join the Quay Corporate Technical team in 2006. While Phil’s preferred programming language remains solder, he has hands-on experience of every Microsoft OS from MS-DOS 2.11 to present (plus a smattering of non-Microsoft environments) and looks forward to future advances that will benefit our clients. He is usually the first person the other techs refer to when media or unusual cables are required for system restoration or testing, and he continues to extend the range of formats that data recovery can be performed on in-house. In the background Phil maintains the build server which makes rolling out large desktop deployments a much simpler job. He is also an advocate for intelligent use of Group Policy.

Outside of work, Phil has strong interests in the audio visual arena. Having worked behind the scenes (and occasionally in front of the camera) with several local production houses over the past decade on numerous corporate film projects, in the past year he has been deeply involved developing skills across the entire 3D-Stereoscopic production chain from shooting to final projection. While having a preference for foreign film (today’s Hollywood fare is mostly trite), he is currently fascinated with “Studio System” era film and the music that under-pins it; free time to indulge this passion would be a bonus. For similar reasons, he does not own a television.

MCSE Private Cloud
MCSA Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 7

david-staffDavid Paulin

Systems Engineer

Previous Experience:
IT Industry Experience – 16+ years

Macrocom – PC construction – 2 years
Quay Retail – PC construction, repair, diagnosis – 6 years
IT Engine (previously Quay Corporate) – PC construction, desktop support, server administration, network administration, Exchange administration, software & hardware installation, email & data migration, virtualization, etc.  – 8+ years

David has been a Microsoft Windows user for over 20 years and is very familiar with the “Microsoft’ way of doing things”.  Additionally, he is able to learn programs and systems that are unfamiliar to him, quickly and intuitively.

Working with businesses David has gained a broad knowledge of all aspects of IT. Within that, his focus is on email services, particularly Microsoft Exchange / Office 365. For example he excels at tracking down errant emails.  David also has high reading comprehension and math skills.

Even outside the office, David is rarely far from a computer and can frequently be found playing video games with friends from all over the world. He does not enjoy writing about himself, but is happy to talk about his vacations in Europe and Japan.

BSc – Computer Science
MCSA – Windows 7
MCTS – Exchange 2010, Office 365, Windows 7
MCITP – Exchange 2010, Office 365, Windows 7

Chris Diaz-Poff

Support Engineer

Previous Experience:
Chris is the youngest member of the team, who’s effectively grown up fixing (after breaking) computers.

In terms of actual work-related experience, he’s coming up on his fourth year in the industry, working with a wide range of Devices.

Chris’ skills lie in his ability to work faster as more pressure is put on him – particularly when dealing with complete unknowns. He has a natural knack for figuring things out on the fly, usually going hand in hand with a cheeky attitude that tempts fate.

Chris is a strong writer, and does a large quantity of How-to’s, which are thoroughly tested to ensure that even the least techy people can get a result from them.

Chris tends to always have a joke up his sleeve, and loves sharing a laugh with everyone – he’s been nicknamed smiley, although he isn’t too fond of the dubbing.

In his downtime, Chris plays PC games and watches Car shows on the internet – He’s allowed to dream, right?

Saunit Lal

Business Information Analyst (SharePoint)

Saunit began working with us as a Graduate Engineer (Infrastructure) in 2017. He has since expressed interest in helping our clients analyse and improve business information systems and consult on Office 365 specializing in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Saunit spends time researching improvements and developing solutions for information workflow.

Saunit’s key strengths include a great learning curve and picks things up very quickly. He loves doing research and finding the best way to help our clients. He is becoming quite an expert at SharePoint and is learning other apps inside Office 365. He loves technology and how innovation in the IT industry has led to vast improvements in the efficiency, relevance and availability of information.

Other than IT, Saunit loves playing video games and watching movies. He also looks forward to travel to many places and see the world.

If you find yourself asking about SharePoint then give us a call, “Cause we know a guy for that”.

Diploma in Systems Technology
Diploma in Network Engineering

Kelvin Frame

Technical Sales

Previous Experience:
IT Industry Experience – 25+ years

Quay Computers
Dove Electronics
Quay Corporate
Deployus  ( Australia )
Neos Systems

Kelvin has been in the IT Industry for his entire career, starting way back building computers for Quay Computers Wellington. After many years repairing and building PC’s a management opportunity arose in Lower Hutt and Kelvin became the go-to person for computer advice whilst managing the store.

From there Kelvin embraced a new challenge and jumped in head first in the world of wholesale for Dove Electronics where he was selling equipment to system integrators and retailers across the lower North Island.

A few years later Delia approached him and asked if he would be interested in working for Quay Computers Corporate where he made another change into the world of “the corporate” and having to learn a whole new facet of the IT industry.

Kelvin brings a mixed bag of experience and has an extensive knowledge of products ranging from small dongles through to fully fledged server configurations.

He is always looking for ways to provide cutting edge products that will fit your needs.

Coral MacLennan

Relationship Manager

Coral loves working with customers; assisting and guiding them to choose technology solutions that will work for them and their business.

Her telecommunications career started in 1995 with FibreNet NZ Ltd, a fibre optics manufacturing and supply company.  She led a small customer fulfilment team; it was a busy environment where they offered the emerging technology into the NZ market.  In 1998 Coral was the first employee at CityLink, the Wellington based fibre company.  In those early days, she was involved with everything and anything that needed to be done; accounts, development of new systems, customer sales and support, marketing, even some fibre installation with the install boys.  As the company grew, Coral specialised in sales and in 2004 became Sales Manager reporting through to the CEO.  CityLink was a very exciting and dynamic company and with Coral’s leadership she helped grow the CityLink business, working with a huge range of service providers and helping customers experience the joys of fast fibre services.

In 2009 Coral had a change, moved to OZ to spend some time with her adult children (sun, sea and blue skies have always been an attraction).  After coming back, she enjoyed exciting customer focused roles in the online & print media industries, short term market development assignment with a small software company and the finance industry, before joining IT Engine in 2014.