Delivering Mobility Solutions with Microsoft PowerApps

Mobility has been a buzzword in the information technology sector for some time, yet many organisations are finding this challenging. The device side of mobility is well in hand, the technology performs well and connectivity is close to everywhere.

The challenge is how to get these devices to deliver productivity beyond “just using them for email”.

Enter Microsoft PowerApps – a way to build applications that can deliver true mobility to your team.

In a very short space of time, you can build an application to gather information, or present and aggregate information from 200+ data sources and present them in meaningful ways to staff, in or out of, the office.  Examples of support data sources are SharePoint, SQL Server, and Dynamics CRM.

The list of data sources is constantly expanding, and you can even add your own through customised connectors.

Apps can be built to work on tablets or phones, allowing field works to collect, disseminate, and update information, all in real time. This prevent delays in the processing of paperwork and potential errors in transposing that information. It also means that business decisions happen with up-to-date information.

How hard is it to build a PowerApp? Not hard at all – the heavy lifting is done by Microsoft and the cloud. With some guidance, a person with modest skills in an application like Microsoft Excel would be able to build a PowerApp.

The rule of thumb with apps is they are small and modular – you build an app to fulfill a single business function for two reasons:

  1. The development cycle and cost of building an all-singing-all-dancing app is prohibitive to most organisations.
  2. Updating a single function app is more time efficient with a short learning curve, ensuring no loss of productivity.

Get in touch with us now, to discuss where PowerApps could mobilise your business, and see it in action –  then get in touch. Roland will give you a live demo (he reckons he is that good).

BTW… Article writing by Roland Tuck.

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