Information technology has never had a trend that has the potential to change the industry such as “the cloud”; it’s the buzzword everyone knows – vendors talk about it, suppliers talk about it, clients talk about it. However, it’s a concept that many organisations don’t quite understand.

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EngineCare is a set of various maintenance/monitoring plans designed not only to suit your IT requirements but your budget as well. The plans range from a monitoring only plan to a full proactive maintenance and support programme. All plans are completely tailored to suit your needs and the needs of your business. We will maintain as many or as few systems as you require, at a frequency to fit your budget. Click here to read more


Don’t ignore the elephant in the room; Think about how important your business information and data is and ask yourself this question: If there was a major (or even minor) disaster event, how would your important business information and data survive? If you don’t know or are not sure, then we need to talk. It’s your data and your responsibility. Click here to read more


IT infrastructure is the core of your business. Getting the most from your IT investment starts with best-practice installation and a solid maintenance plan – if either of these are lacking then thing don’t work when they should and issues take resolve, impacting your productivity. Click here to read more