There’s never been an IT trend with the potential to change the industry like ‘the cloud’. It’s the buzzword everyone knows – vendors talk about it, suppliers talk about it, clients talk about it. However, it’s a concept that many organisations don’t quite understand.

Some view moving to the cloud as their savior, that someone else will fix their problems, or that they won’t need their IT department. We’re here to say: it can do all of that, and none of that – it’s not the silver bullet you have been waiting for. There are risks to be considered and mitigated, and perhaps some compromises to be made.

IT Engine made a strategic decision early on to bring cloud offerings to clients. When integrated properly and for the right reasons, the cloud becomes a cost-effective tool that will enhance your business and productivity.

IT Engine has been integrating cloud offerings to clients, old and new, since 2010 and has been increasing these offerings as demand dictates. Because we have carefully considered our offerings, they have been successful and our clients have enjoyed the benefits – IT Engine was even featured in the first New Zealand case study for Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365.

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