Don’t ignore the elephant in the room! Think about how important your business information and data is and ask yourself this question: If there was a major (or even minor) disaster event, how would your important business information and data survive? IT disaster recovery is a subset of business continuity.

If you don’t know or are not sure, then we need to talk. It’s your data (and your responsibility) but we can help you take care of it.

The Christchurch earthquakes highlighted this and made business owners ask themselves the hard questions around IT disaster recovery. Many businesses there suffered irreparable damage because they were unable to retrieve important business data: client records, financials, tax information, legal document – everything! The long term effect of those losses on the economy regionally, nationally and internationally has yet to be measured.

IT Engine has been designing and implementing backup and recovery solutions for clients since 1998. Many of these systems, have been tested by events ranging from drive & storage failures, hardware failures, water damage, and even theft. In all cases, we recovered client systems to a complete working state in a timely manner to minimise the impact on their business.

Your backup regime should reflect how important your data is.

As a start, for all of our clients on a service plan, we monitor their backups daily to ensure that they are successful. If they are not, we’ll work with you to make sure that it’s fixed straight away. We’ll even do a test restore of data when we do your server maintenance to make sure the backups are actually there.

Beyond backups, with a set of industry-recognised building blocks and best practices, we’ll implement a system that can recover your systems within a window that fits your business objectives and your budgets. One example we successfully recovered a client from a hardware failure within five hours – a superb test of processes in place and the technology, with a positive outcome.

IT Engine has also written IT disaster recovery plans with risk assessment levels that have enabled clients to achieve ISO certification.

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