Microsoft Sway

Sway! Is what’s new this month…. And we are not talking about a dance move 🙂

Do you find your newsletters, informational documents and knowledge articles hard to format and make appealing for your readers? Well you should check out Microsoft Sway.

Sway is a presentation tool that Microsoft developed in 2015 to make quick presentations, newsletters and other forms of informational documentation easy and quick to prepare for your audiences.

It can be used to easily format these documents into something that is quite fancy and doesn’t take hours to prepare. Some users have even started adopting Sway to create presentations and proposals. You can add various forms of multimedia such as pictures, texts and formatting styles, videos which you may want to upload or even embed YouTube into your Sway.

Sway has a couple of different versions and is essentially free to use. You can just sign into with a Microsoft account and start working away but if you have an office 365 account you get a couple of additional features such as removing the banner at the bottom that promotes Sway. This will make it look and feel a lot more professional. You can also add some privacy by setting it to “only my organisation can see this” or if you are preparing those external newsletters then it’s also possible to share your sway.

Sway can be embedded into your public facing website or your SharePoint and is the perfect medium to deliver those scrolling pieces of information to your organisation.

To check out our small Sway click

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