Stop using that USB drive to move documents around…

You’ve got way more mobile storage in the cloud! 

We all know that everyone likes to move their documents around with those little USB drives…The ones that end up on your desk, at the back of a draw, or rattling around in the bottom of the washing machine.  It’s so convenient… you are talking with someone and mention that you “have a copy of that file right here… on this USB stick… maybe in this pocket… somewhere… hmm… I think it’s on my desk… it’s really good though”. 

If you have Office365 for your email, then it’s almost guaranteed that you also have a plethora of storage solutions at your disposal as well (just check with the IT Engine team on what you are licenced for). 

The one that I suggest you take advantage of right away is your 1TB (1000 Gigabytes) of OneDrive for business.  Think of it as your USB drive in the cloud that will allow you to: 

  • Access from your mobile device. 
  • Access from any computer 
  • Access a version history of files 
  • Co-author documents (Simultaneously edit with other people) 
  • Share with other people (within or external to your organisation) 
  • Change permissions at a file level 
  • And more! 

Now imagine that scenario again.. 

“I have a copy of that file right here… here … let me show you on my iPhone… do you want a copy?.. let me share it with you now… you can edit it from your device and I will see the changes as you go.. we can work on it together…”. 

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