Stream to replace office 365 Videos….

Media management is a challenge for many organisations. In particular, as video resolutions get bigger, so do file sizes – what’s more, there’s often a need to distribute this information within the organisation. Corporate Training videos need to be more than a file you can only watch on a laptop, they need to be “device and bandwidth aware”, so when they play, the video optimizes to the device it’s playing on.

In response to these challenges Microsoft developed Office 365 Video, delivering an internal “Youtube-Lite” video portal experience. You could create channels, upload videos, and link them to stream through SharePoint.

As pointed out above, the experience was “lite”, but pretty good for a version 1.0. Enter version 2.0 – Microsoft Stream, with a whole bunch of new whizz-bang features they really bring the service up to an enterprise level for Office 365 users of all types. Some of these features are:

  • Smart search for text or spoken words within videos, enabling discovery without reliance on manually added metadata.
  • View and share the video in the tools you use most, and increase engagement with likes, shares, and comments.
  • Securely shared across the organization with built-in encryption, compliance, and permissions.

If you want to increase engagement and productivity around video content within your organisation, call one of our Office 365 specialists today to discuss how this can be enabled for you.

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