The Windows 10 Creators Fall Update

By now you should all be running Windows 10 (or have at least planned your migration to Windows 10).

Microsoft changed the Windows ‘ecosystem’ when it released Windows 10 and since then they have been deploying major changes as updates that just happen. The latest of these updates has been labelled the ‘Creators Fall Update’ (I know … America has forgotten about the other hemisphere … it’s essentially summer here, America!! Not fall …)

This update brings some very helpful new changes to your computer. The best change for our Office 365 users is the new OneDrive Files On-Demand feature. This allows you to ‘sync’ SharePoint libraries and OneDrive storage but specify what files get ‘cached’ to your computer.


What does all this mumbo jumbo mean?

Well, your OneDrive may have 50Gb of files all safely stored in the cloud. Previously you might have synced this with your computer so that you could easily access it via the files and folder structure on your computer. But it meant that you had to have a copy of every file copied from OneDrive to your computer (even that photo library of Great Aunty Betty that you’ll never look at again). This would be a massive waste of space.

Now you can select files and folders to ‘Always keep on this device’ (so they are in the cloud and on your computer). This leaves the other files in the cloud but still just a click away in your file browser. So a green circled tick means it’s in the cloud and on your PC. A blue outline of a cloud means that its stored in OneDrive but you can access it via your PC’s file browser:



Another new feature is ‘Storage Sense’. Amongst other things it can be set to automatically delete any files in your downloads folder that have been there for 30 days without being changed.

There are also other major changes that you may not notice – they are hidden away in the back end. But they are making everything safer and better for you. For example, there’s a new feature that you can enable called ‘Controlled Folder Access’. That will stop anything considered suspicious from changing the contents of selected protected folders. This means that those ‘cryptoware’ attacks which hold your files to ransom will be stopped in their tracks – dead! You can read more about it here.

You will also find a currency converter built into the windows calculator … now it really is time to get rid of that Casio thing on the side of your desk!

You can check to see if your machine is already running the Creators Fall Version by right clicking the start button and selecting ‘System’. Under ‘Windows specifications’ it should list the version as 1709 (or greater, depending on when you read this). If it doesn’t, you can hit the start button again, then hit the cog icon for settings, press ‘Update & Security’ and then ‘Check for updates’.


If all else fails … let us know.

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