Why you should get the new iPhone!

Is your iPhone / iPad getting slower, or are you just expecting more from it than you were when you got it four years ago?

The new version of the Apple mobile operating system (iOS 11) has been out for a few weeks now and it brings with it a lot of improvements and some extra features… all of which may slow up your trusty old iPhone. The new system runs on iPhone 8 and X. (people have asked me “why apple skipped the iphone 9”.. I don’t know if they have.. the iphoneX is the 10th anniversary iphone)

Don’t blame Apple! The problem is that we consumers want the latest and greatest there is on offer and Apple loves to deliver that. The app makers then take advantage of that extra power and those extra features, and pretty soon your trusty old iPhone 5 just doesn’t cut it anymore.

With iOS 11, Apple dropped support for the iPhone 5 (not the iphone 5s) and any iPhone before it. This allowed them to remove support for the old 32-bit systems that ran these older iPhones. Those of you with an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 are likely to be next on the chopping board…

I make that judgement due to a pretty significant fact. Apple no longer sells these phones and those retailers, like Spark, who do stock them are discounting them to get rid of them.

I suspect it’s because the iPhone 5 and 6 technology is just getting too old. Apple can’t keep building in support at the cost (in power and performance) of their newer devices. I for one know that my iPhone 6 does not respond as snappily as it used to. It’s a little embarrassing to see it running next to an iPhone X.

What will you get with your new iPhone? (Yup, I’ve already decided you’re getting a new one – it’s almost Christmas – treat yourself!)

  • The speed of an iPhone 8 or X will make your whole phone experience a lot more enjoyable.
  • With the 8 and X you get a handy level of waterproofing, so you don’t need to freak out if you drop it in the sink.
  • You get a tougher glass (but I still recommend a case to help protect your business investment).

Those a just a few reasons off the top of my head. You also get to take ‘full-powered’ advantage of iOS 11 with many new features:

  • Siri – she (or he) is smarter, faster and can do things like translate English into Chinese, Spanish and more.
  • You can drag and drop things like images or links from one app to another.
  • There’s a files app!! It lets you see your OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud files all in one place – awesome!
  • There’s a one-handed keyboard.
  • Notes can search your handwriting (within reason).
  • Maps has lane guidance and speed limit info.
  • Do not disturb will mute your notifications while your vehicle is moving.

Along with all those awesome features your new iPhone will also give you a new warranty. And this gives you the peace of mind that your iPhone will be supported for the next few years.

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