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    Customer Raves
    “Our digital transformation project enabled us to pivot so quickly in response to the COVID-19 crisis that our work from home process was virtually seamless.  Given the duration of the Lockdown, the likes of Microsoft Teams has enabled us to keep our people engaged and maintain a culture of connection across all stakeholders.The ability to digitally share proposals, floor plans and system designs has also supported our sales and engineering teams to continue to work with customers through the Lockdown period, which has facilitated a greater degree of productivity, as well as enabling a much more rapid recovery as we have emerged from Lockdown.These upgrades have not only made us more resilient as an organisation but have also provided us with the tools to give us enduring efficiency gains within the business.”- Hayden George -  General Manager of Advanced Security Group
    Thank you for getting on to our networking issue in lightning-fast time!

    Your scheduling skills are legendary. The mere fact that you called to let us know you had spotted a small window in Greg’s calendar and swiftly chucked him into it was enough to defuse our stress and worry, even though it turned out the problem was a severed cable and nothing that could be solved by Greg, fabulous engineer though he is!

    IT Engine has saved our bacon so often over the years, we may as well open a café and serve it for brunch. Cheers, Joanna.

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