Your data and IT information systems are vital to your business, malicious attacks can cause time consuming disruptions. There are a number of ways you can protect your important data, and these can be provided by IT Engine to implement a security posture that protects you from unplanned events.


Events may occur that result in the loss or corruption of data and may be as a result of a natural disaster, a phishing attack or other cyber security issues that leave your business data vulnerable. The time it takes your business to recover in these circumstances without sufficient backups may cause significant disruption to your business and your businesses ability to perform. Ensuring you have frequent backups that allow you to quickly recover and prevent loss of important information is essential to the operation of your business.


Cyber security isn’t a one size fits all approach and ensuring your business and all the applications you run are secure from the outside world are an important step in protecting your data from breaches. Advanced cybers threats continue to multiply and there are a number of aspects that should be considered as part of your security posture. Factors for consideration include where your employees are connecting from, what devices they are using to connect to your systems and information and how you want them to connect.


Antivirus is another important consideration as there are too many dangers online to risk not having proper protection in place that protects from unwanted and malicious attacks by viruses, trojans, botnets, ransomware and other types of malware.


Phishing campaigns allow you to identify in a controlled environment if your employees understand the importance of screening attachments prior to opening them. Opening of attachments from unknown and unverified sources may have a negative impact on your systems and data, educating your team, alerting them to identify phishing emails and alerting your IT team in the event these are receipted can prove invaluable and help minimise the risk to your business.


Passwords can be easily breached on their own, ensuring your data and systems are secure through multifactor authentication provides an additional layer of security utilising a secondary source of authentication, this may be an authentication key, email verification or an authenticator app installed on another device. Ensuring your important data is only accessed by those that are legitimately intended to access it.

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