Backups & Recovery

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Ensure your data is stored in safe hands

Unplanned events may occur that result in the loss or corruption of information that leaves your business data vulnerable. Without sufficient backups, these events drain vital time and resources for your business to recover, and can cause significant disruption to productivity and your business's ability to perform.

Ensuring you have frequent backups that allow you to quickly recover and prevent loss of important information is essential to the operation of your business. IT Engine can provide reliable strategies implemented through a customised security posture that protects you from the loss of important primary data.

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Get quick and effective data recovery options

Our team at IT Engine recognise the importance of customising your business's security and storage of data, as this is one of the first steps to protect you and your data from any breaches. We provide thorough and up-to-date protection systems to ensure a quick recovery and prevent the loss of important information.

Every businesses’ protection requires a unique approach. Ensuring your organisation and all the applications you run are secure from outside breaches or software failures is an important step in protecting your data.

IT Engine will work with you to provide the best backup storage system that monitors the replication of your data and improves your business recovery rate at any point in time.

We’re official providers of a range of leading backup & recovery solutions

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Why choose IT Engine to secure your data?

Our team have 20 years’ experience successfully protecting organisations like yours
We’ll work with you to develop a bespoke backup and data recovery plan for your business
We know how crucial data protection is, and will help you reduce potential IT threats to keep your information safe

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