I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work IT Engine has done for the Catholic Institute in the first stage of moving our institute to Office365.

The transition of our emails from the server to the cloud was smooth and well executed.  IT Engine ensured there were technicians at our six centres around New Zealand to effect the transfer and set up each staff member’s account.  Our staff were well informed about the process by Roland at a staff training day.  Staff barely noticed the transition.

As the ‘go to’ person when there is a problem with emails and server access, prior to engaging IT Engine as our IT service provider, I would often receive urgent (and angry) text messages and phone calls from staff on weekends and holidays because they could not access their email or files.   This no longer happens.

We are confident that the next stage of the process to being fully cloud based, will be equally well managed.

Alongside moving to Office365, IT Engine have provided excellent IT support for our institute. It is a great relief to me that staff are able to work without the concern that the server will go down as everything works now.  This was not the case before we engaged IT Engine.

Thank you again.
Susan, Catholic Institute

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