One of the most useful features of Microsoft Azure is the flexibility it gives your business.

Scalability is important for the long term, but flexibility lets you adapt your IT solution to your day-to- day requirements.

For example, say your business needs to run a complex report once a week. Traditionally you’d have two choices:

  1. Your IT solution would be highly specified, with enough resources to handle the reporting process without slowing everything else down. But this means that most of its processing power would be unused the rest of the time. That’s expensive and wasteful.
  2. You opt for a cheaper, low-performance IT solution. But this means the rest of your network would slow to a crawl during the reporting period.

Microsoft Azure gives you a third option: simply adjust the processing power as you need it. You can quickly – and even automatically – dial up the processing power during the reporting process, then dial it back down again.

This flexibility also applies to storage and other Azure services. And you only pay for what you use.