Do you know where your business will be this time next year? Will it be bigger? Will it have the same number of customers or ten times as many? You probably have a business plan, but reality doesn’t always follow plans.

What happens if the IT solution you have now is hopelessly inadequate in six month’s time? Do you upgrade it? Rip it out and start again? Either way, there will be business disruption, downtime and significant expense.

With Microsoft Azure, growth isn’t a problem. Azure services can be scaled to suit your business.

Let’s say you start with an entry-level web server because you only have a few online users. Six months later you might have ten times as many users. Not a problem with Azure: the server can scale up to suit your needs, with no business disruption. Scaling is easy with Azure.

So if business suddenly goes through the roof, your IT solution won’t be left behind. Azure services grow as you do.