Microsoft Azure makes things simple. Instead of having your own servers for email, data storage, backup and so on, you can simply rent server space with Azure.

Owning your own on-site servers would be complicated and expensive:

    • Even with a professional team to build and configure it, a new server might take a couple of days to get up and running. It also requires power connections, network cables and physical space.
    • Then it must be managed. Regular operating system patches, software upgrades, hardware repairs – it all takes time and money.
    • Eventually your server will become obsolete and will have to be physically removed and replaced. So the cycle starts all over again.

By contrast, renting a virtual server with Azure means you can be up and running in minutes. All the configuration is taken care of by Microsoft’s dedicated team of IT professionals. The server is patched and maintained at no cost to you. And it will never be obsolete, since Azure services always run on up-to- date hardware and software.

It really is that simple.