Amanda Moore

I started working for Quay Corporate (now IT Engine) in 2006 – I can’t believe I have been here for more than 5 years – boy does time fly. I started part time on accounts which suited perfectly for my family. I now work fulltime as Operations Manager while still overseeing the accounts side. The bulk of my time is spent juggling jobs in the techs calendars and liaising with clients. I have a lot more contact with our clients now, so I have enjoyed getting to know them better through regular contact. I don’t often get to meet our clients (my contact with them is usually via email or phone) but when I do get the chance it is lovely to put a face to the name.

It’s amazing how much IT stuff you absorb just by working here – before I started I had no idea what a motherboard, cpu or hard drive were. Now I know what these are & a whole lot more, although I still don’t consider myself technically savvy when it comes to IT. The guys are very patient with my lack of IT knowledge & do try & explain things in English for me. The staff make this a fun & rewarding place to work – hardly a day goes by without us having a laugh over something. We are a diverse bunch and everyone really is like a family & the support they offer is fantastic.

My family is hugely important to me (especially my 3 teenage kids) & the IT Engine work ethic certainly enforces this. In my spare time (not much of that with work, sports practices, sports games, dancing & a house to run) I love catching up with friends over a glass of wine. I’m a keen baker and I love to read but don’t often get the chance to sit down & immerse myself in a good book.