Delia Gill

I love my job ! I enjoy getting up in the morning and going to work, I do realise that I am very lucky. Every one of my people has an awesome sense of humour and the joke is that you have to be slightly insane to work with us. I truly believe in looking after the people that work for me, look after your family look after yourself, look after your customers – if you don’t do the first two you will never be able to give 100% to the customers when they need you.

I have been at IT Engine (previously Quay Corporate) for over twelve years now. I started out as the Office Lady and then moved to Operations Manager, then General Manager in 2007. In 2008 the opportunity came up to buy the business, my husband and I jumped in with both feet. It’s been an interesting few years but one made so much easier by my awesome workmates. Before working at IT Engine I worked for Capital Properties (now AMP) as the Office Manager, also managing two Wellington Properties. Prior to that I was in Melbourne working for an Engineering firm, I was the Quality Assurance Secretary, qualifying as an ISO9000 Auditor. I really enjoy the IT industry, I love gadgets and really enjoy it when the suppliers come in to show us the latest “toys”. My favourite thing is being able to go into our clients businesses and really help them make the most of their IT, helping them improve their systems and improve productivity as a result …
We have some truly wonderful customers, most of them become part of the IT Engine “Family”. It is a real joy to make a visible difference to efficiency of their businesses. If the team has a fault I would say that it is the casual way we treat our clients but I have to put that down to treating our customers as friends.

On the personal side, my husband, David, and I have been together for 20 years this year and he is hugely supportive of me and of IT Engine (I am a lucky lady) I have two daughters who are extremely funny (take after their Dad). I am a big wine buff, big Aussie reds and Chardonnays(Dry River & Voss Estate – yummy !!). I like to sew (very domestic) and I am an avid reader.