Philip Leigh

Phil trained as a technician prior to joining the Quay Retail service department in 1998 and was head-hunted into the Quay Corporate Sales team six months later. After a three year break from IT during which he did component level repair work, Phil returned to join the Quay Corporate Technical team in 2006. While Phil’s preferred programming language remains solder, he has hands-on experience of every Microsoft OS from MS-DOS 2.11 to present (plus a smattering of non-Microsoft environments) and looks forward to future advances that will benefit our clients. He is usually the first person the other techs refer to when media or unusual cables are required for system restoration or testing, and he continues to extend the range of formats that data recovery can be performed on in-house. In the background Phil maintains the build server which makes rolling out large desktop deployments a much simpler job. He is also an advocate for intelligent use of Group Policy.

Outside of work, Phil has strong interests in the audio visual arena. Having worked behind the scenes (and occasionally in front of the camera) with several local production houses over the past decade on numerous corporate film projects, in the past year he has been deeply involved developing skills across the entire 3D-Stereoscopic production chain from shooting to final projection. While having a preference for foreign film (today’s Hollywood fare is mostly trite), he is currently fascinated with “Studio System” era film and the music that under-pins it; free time to indulge this passion would be a bonus. For similar reasons, he does not own a television.