Roland Tuck

Roland Tuck has been in the IT industry for 17 years and is still not sick of it, in fact he likes working here so much he’s doing it a second time around!

His IT career began with humble beginnings in consumables (he can tell you more about printer engines and toner that you’ll even want to know), he made the jump to sales and account management 10 years ago when landing a job in distribution – it was here he met up with Quay Corporate as he was their Account Manager.

Two years later, a company restructure made him redundant and he must have made a good impression as our Account Manager, he came a worked for us the first time. It was here he discovered a passion for solution development, turning his enthusiasm for technology into resolving real-world issues and for clients. Roland’s has the ability to understand a technology and assess its usefulness enables him to translate that to business application. Roland has developed many successful solutions to that have been successfully delivered, enhancing the way clients go about their business.

In 2006, Roland had a paradigm shift, while remaining in IT he built on his successes as an Account Manager to and stepped sideways into the area of Business Development – primarily working on engagement of new business. He left Quay Corporate and worked for two other IT companies and again has some excellent successes, gaining experience though engagement across a broad spectrum of clients: professional services, education, government, not-for-profit. He has a nose for business and opportunity, and can be very focused

With this experience, Roland has gained knowledge and understanding of a variety of businesses types and business models, and now brings that experience back to IT Engine where he has been in residence doing Business Development for us.

Outside of IT, Roland is has a family and teenage children to keep him busy, a Toastmaster, a gamer, programmer, and ninja barista.

If you are looking to change your IT provider, call or email Roland and he will be on the phone to you before your phone or keyboard has even cooled down.