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Keep your organisation secure

There are a number of ways IT Engine can help protect and strengthen your organisation from unplanned events such as phishing or cyber-attacks, or natural disasters.

Your data and IT systems are vital to your business, and one malicious attack could cause time-consuming and expensive disruptions. Having reliable and effective security measures in place is critical for every organisation. Without the proper protection, your intellectual property, employees, customers, and data are vulnerable. Being able to recover quickly from any potential attacks can make all the difference to business operations.

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Get the best protection for your business

We know it’s important to ensure each organisation has their own custom security, as this is one of the first steps to protect you and your data from any cyber attacks. The more thorough and modern your protection is, the quicker your business will be able to respond to internet security breaches. 

IT Engine will work with you to identify any vulnerabilities, special requirements, and other considerations such as employee numbers, devices, and work locations. We’ll then develop, implement, and maintain a best-practice, targeted protection plan for your organisation.

Our strategies utilise antivirus software, password management, two-factor authentication and verification, Firewall, and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to mitigate internet threats and enhance network responses to all cyber-attacks. Together with regular staff education, these security features can prove invaluable and help minimise the cyber risk to your business.

We’re official providers of a range of leading cyber-security solutions

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Why choose IT Engine to protect your business from cyber-threats?

Our team have 20 years’ experience successfully protecting organisations like yours from cyber-threats
At the forefront of information technology, we always deliver future-focused solutions
We’ll implement customised, reliable and effective cyber-protection to help keep your organisation, staff, and customers safe

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